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Fight with a small team through floors of hostile machines, tweak your team to overcome increasingly more powerful enemies, learn from your mistakes as you are overwhelmed and plan better for your next attempt. Be careful though, there is no going back after your turn ends. You will have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Broken Metal is a tactical roguelike, each floor is randomly generated along with what enemies appear, each unit has a random skill tree, and if a unit dies, there is no getting them back.

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Sunny Little Island

Sunny Little Island is a simple tech demo for the 3d engine I was working on. Although it was making good progress, I was spending all my time on adding features and optimizing the engine while never getting a chance to work on an actual game. Therefore I discontinued it in favor of switching to a 2d engine. You can still download it and play with the island scenario I created.

Requires Java 8 to run.

Download (Windows/Linux) Git Hub

About Armadillo Game Studios

Armadillo Game Studios is an independent video game company. It is founded by Parker Olson, who also does all the design, coding, art, testing, management, marketing and almost everything else that needs to be done. The goal is to create free and niche games in my spare time.

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